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Four Winds 2002

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Although we didn’t finish the race, we accomplished our other goals.  We’re better friends than when we started, all gaining respect for each other’s abilities.  We’ve learned a lot about expedition racing.  We represented the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association proudly, both as strong competitors and as ambassadors of the sport.  For a new team that has never raced together and with no team member having experience in races longer than 2 days, we’ve got a lot to be proud of!

My personal challenge for this race was to find out if I have what it takes to compete in an expedition race.  Do I have the skills, the navigational ability, the strength, stamina, and the smarts?  Can I manage sleeplessness over a long race?  Can I lead a team through a major race?  I believe that I have proven that I can. My perspective on racing has changed forever.  Among other things, this race has really reinforced that it takes a team, rather than four individuals working alone, to make it as far as we have.  I’m proud of myself and this team.  It has been a successful race! 


Thanks to Four Winds Adventures for letting us experience this event and thanks to the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association for your support!  Jerry and Randy, we owe you a lot!

Four Winds, be ready for us in '03...we’ll see you at the finish line!

- John Chase






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