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Dear Captain ,

Thank you for registering your team for the Orange Crush Adventure Race.

Registration fees for the race are $75 per participant.  Please send your payment to us by check, payable to John Chase, at:

John Chase
127 Periwinkle Lane
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

The information that you have to us about your team is as follows.  If any information changes before race day, please contact us by e-mail at

Team Name: Team Name

Captain: Captain
Captain's T-Shirt: TShirt_1

Team Member Two: member2name
Team Member Two T-Shirt: TShirt_2  

Team Member Three: member3name
Team Member Three T-Shirt: TShirt_3

Team Member Four: member4name
Team Member Three T-Shirt: TShirt_4

E-mail Address: email
Phone: Phone

Address: Address1, Address2
City: City
State: State
Zip Code: Zip Code

Division: Division

Your team's spot in the Orange Crush Adventure Race is reserved for 10 business days.  We must receive your registration entry fee no later than 10 business days or your registration will be cancelled. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Train Hard!

Team Orange Triangle

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Revised: December 26, 2001 .